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Silva Method West 

4-Day Immersive Training of Evidence-based tools

to unleash the power of your mind

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Improve Communication Skills

Learn practical communication skills to improve your emotional intelligence & interactions with yourself & others.

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Activate Your Mind Power 

Use your mind to improve & increase productivity & find solutions professionally & personally.

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Resolve Complex Problems 

Discover & use tools to resolve complex issues & problems & increase your productivity.

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Minimize & Reduce Stress 

Experience releasing stress, & acquire tools to feel relief & relaxed anywhere. 

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Sense & Experience Calm

Develop the ability to calm yourself in any situation.

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See the Big Picture 

Learn to see the big picture, remove roadblocks & create dynamically.

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Overcome Unwanted Habits

Discover tools to overcome unwanted habits, thoughts & limiting beliefs.

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Improve Your Memory

Learn memory techniques, enhanced learning, recall & visualization.


Develop Confidence

Discover tools to develop your confidence & improve your self-esteem.  

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Ignite Your Intuitive Abilities

Ignite your intuitive abilities & find guidance for problem solving & resolution.

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Fall Asleep Easily & Stay Asleep

Learn how to use your mind to easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

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Grasp Remote Detection

Learn remote detection, how to help yourself & others & how to heal remotely. 

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Connect with Yourself & Others

Learn to connect with yourself & others in healthy, positive ways to bond, support & contribute.

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Discover Your Life's Purpose

Using all of the tools taught, you'll discover your life's purpose on this planet, in this lifetime.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

Exercise your brain using tools and techniques to minimize overthinking & mind chatter.


  • Discover how to access alpha & theta brain levels with conscious awareness for optimal results in connecting with yourself and others, problem-solving and creating solutions

  • Learn practical communication skills to improve your emotional intelligence & interactions with colleagues, employees, yourself & others

  • Use your mind to resolve complex issues, improve outcomes, increase productivity & find solutions to issues & problems professionally & personally

  • Build neural pathways in the brain to tap into your innate abilities to relieve stress & be calm

  • Level-up your memory techniques, enhance your learning, visualization & recall

Upcoming Trainings:

Live, Interactive, Immersive

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4-Day Immersive Training (online)

Date: 2 weekends: Sat. Nov 11 & Sun. Nov. 12 & Sat. Nov 18 & Sun. Nov 19

8AM-5PM PST, 12-1PM PST break

You the Healer Book Cover by Jose Silva

Book Club: You the Healer (online)

Date: 4-Tuesdays, August 15, 22, 29 & Sept 5, 6:30PM-7:30PM PDT

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Coming Soon: 4-Day Immersive Training (In person) Newport Beach, CA

Date: Friday, January 12-Monday, January 15 9AM-6PM PST, 12-1PM PST break

Silva Mind Method on Getting Help From the Other Side Book Cover for Book Club

Book Club: Silva Mind Method on Getting Help From the Other Side (online)

Date: 4 Monday evenings: September 18, 25, October 2, & 9, 7: 30PM-8:30PM PST

Jose Silva's Every Day ESP A New Way of Living

Book Club: Jose Silva's Every Day ESP (online)

Date: 4 Monday evenings: October 23, 30, November 6 & 13 7:30PM-8:30PM PDT

Power Group--Group of individuals coming together to create

Coming Soon

Power Group

Date: Wednesdays 5PM-5:30PM PST

Silva Life System

Meet the Silva Method

The Silva Method: Silva Life System & Silva Intuition System will teach you dynamic meditation techniques to rewire your subconscious, mind training and negative programming, tap into your true potential and achieve your objectives.

In over 56 years, over 6 million people including doctors, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs in 110 countries in 56 years have used Silva Method to experience a life beyond the ordinary.

The Silva Method shares a STEP-BY-STEP, proven process and tools that allows you to find that place of calm, practice and master the skill of taking charge of your life, creating the life you desire and tapping into your hidden reservoir of intuition, creativity and healing.

Get ready to transform your life.

Activate Your Inner Genius with Silva Method

4-day Immersive Training

Silva Life SystemSilva Life System

Silva Method Perfected over 50 years

  • Practice & master tools and techniques learned in 4-day immersive training

  • 4 Days packed with tools, techniques & 20+ guided meditations

  • Immersive experience designed to create deep & lasting transformation

  • Lifetime review of class for nominal fee of $150

  • Complimentary 60-minute coaching session

  • Complimentary monthly mastermind online with Silva graduates

  • Graduate-member group meetings

  • I'm in. Sign me up.

    Want to try Silva Method

    Join 4-week Book Club to explore different Silva books, every Monday night 7:30-8:30PM PDT. 

    Learn new concepts & principles

    Enjoy interactive discussions & signature meditations created to enhance your mindpower, intuition and abilities 

    Community of like-minded individuals

    You do not have to have read the book to participate

    Check out Book Club

    Meet Your Trainer: Cate

    Born Intuitive, Cate loves learning.

    Cate was introduced to alternative healing in childhood from her mother, a registered nurse who was seeking help to assist her husband with pain management. 

    She received her bachelor's in Marketing, Business and French and her Masters in French and Global Management.

    Cate has four national awards in online learning, was a corporate trainer who designed and taught many specialty courses for effective adult learning and has taught at the collegiate level in person, online and hybrid. 

    After having served on two committees for the state of Utah and two Board of Directors to assist and alleviate those with stress and trauma, Cate completed advanced degrees in neuroscience. 

    Cate found the Silva Method and immediately started using all of the tools, and they work so well, she decided to teach them. She loves sharing and teaching.


    Have Questions?

    Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation: here

    Do you prefer individualized classes, book a one-on-one session.

    Cate offers individualized one-on-one sessions with appointments available in evenings and weekends online. Book your time online.

    Book a Private Session

    "Cate is the best of the best. She knows how to help and is willing to share and teach her expertise."

    Jen M.

    Let's Work Together

    Complimentary monthly Silva Method meditation, the first Wednesday of every month 7-7:15PM PST.  We'll send you the zoom link for the live meditation the first Wednesday of the month, and you'll receive a complimentary meditation, you can use at any time.  Fill out the form, today.

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